Vivian Gray, vivian.leigh1@yahoo.com

Vivian’s life experiences have infused her soul with a passion she shares through her art.  Her passion also manifests in her belief in people and the good that dwells within us all.  A native Texan who lives with her family in East Texas, she likes to spend time helping those around her. 

When not painting or writing, Vivian channels her energy into projects and activities that help others understand that life can be as joyous as you make it, no matter how tough it can sometimes get.

Her signature, SPAL, is an acronym for “Shining Penny A Luck.”  A close friend nicknamed her Penny A Luck after a traumatic experience that turned into the beginning of a spiritual journey.  Whether her survival was luck or a miracle, the experience taught her that life is infinite in its possibilities yet finite and tenuous;  it is a priceless gift that must be received with gratitude every moment of every day.  Vivian believes that life is a balance between limitless possibilities and potential, and an end that could come with one’s next breath.  Accordingly, Vivian strives to live in the moment, observing with all senses, and channeling her perceptions into art that surprises, captivates, and reveals the woman who crafted them into existence. 

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